About Axl Joe

   Joseph Mancebo, aka DJ Axl Joe is a self taught, self trained DJ for just about all of his life. His career began in the mid 70’s, as a music collector & avid listener that loved to hear mostly Doo Wop and Rock N’ Roll (the 50’s and 60’s, to be precise) songs. Soon, he had begun to branch out, and listen to a lot of other different music styles, and genres. Many people were quite amazed at how such a young man, could know so much music at such an early age.

   In 2003, he had discovered Karaoke after being invited by his then girlfriend (now wife, whose name is Diana), and he had learned of something so intriguing to him, that he eventually became a Karaoke Host. Then, in 2010, the idea of creating a business was mentioned by his now wife, Diana. After thinking about it, he had created the business name of “AxlJoeMusicEntertainment”, and thus, the company was born.

    Today, DJ Axl Joe has performed at shows both large and small, he had hosted and choreographed by himself. He has structured shows for children and adults for varying occasions, that of which, has been deemed by his clients as an average 5 out of 5 stars (according to www.gigmasters.com ). He is currently studying Music Production, Music Creation, Acoustic Guitar, Christian Music, Spanish, and different musical styles of Latin music. 

   He currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky with his loving wife Diana, of which they’ve been happily married since 2005.